Pay Attention to the Basics!

I like to think I have a pretty fair sense of humor. My definition of a ‘sense of humor’ is to be able to laugh at oneself when one is being serious. So, at personal expense, I share this short incident with all my gentle readers as a lesson in preparation, attention to detail and perhaps a short guffaw.

Today, Saturday, 19th May in the Year of our Lord 2012, was the first summer Bowling Pin match of the year at my gun club, the Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club near Hastings, Nebraska.

For those who are not intimate, a Bowling Pin match consists of shooting and knocking a total of five bowling pins off a table of specific width and length from a range of ten yards or so. (I never can remember the exact distance, it’s not very far, really.) One begins loaded with handgun of choice down at forty-five degree angle from the aiming position. When the start signal sounds, one commences to fire until all the pins are off the table. It can be done – and often is – in five shots. One’s time ends with the grounding of the last pin. Then all is made safe and the pins are reset. One does this for four repetitions, or twenty pins in all.

One can fire pretty much any sort of handgun, with accommodations for various calibers.

Today, I planned on shooting a .22 long rifle target pistol, a .357 Magnum revolver and a .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol.

The .22 and .357 handguns went fairly well. Not bad for not having fired either handgun for some time.

When it came time to shoot the .45, I had a problem. It wouldn’t load. The rounds simply refused to enter the chamber.

I’ve used this type of ammunition on prior occasion with no difficulty. So I just pulled it all back, put it in the gun box and fired the .22 again.

Arriving at home, I determined to find the cause of my problem. Within a few moments, I did, much to my chagrin. I did in fact have the correct ammunition, the correct magazines, but I had – in some haste – grabbed the wrong pistol! .45 ACP ammunition will simply NOT chamber in a Super .38 handgun.

This cautionary tale provided as a public service by your humble servant.


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