Democrat ‘Strategist’ Speaks on Behalf of Women?

Probably everyone has hear about this: Democrat ‘Strategist’ Hilary Rosen made a rather ignorant remark about Ann Romney, the wife of presumed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Ms Rosen has since repented of the statement – at least of making it in public and demonstrating the truly detached from reality view of the Democrat norm – and apologized in public. Okay, everyone gets to say something dumb from time to time.

However, there are a couple of levels of this to be explored.

One is what she said and what all it implies. From the Fox News article:

Rosen ignited the firestorm Wednesday evening on CNN by saying Ann Romney was not qualified to help her husband on the campaign trail address women’s issues.

“Guess what, (Romney’s) wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” Rosen said.

I’d like to find the original comments which are here summed up by Fox News about Mrs. Romney not being qualified to address women’s issues. I’m probably not looking in the right place.

Ms Rosen, according to the article has twins with her ex-partner, Elizabeth Birch. Ms Rosen has also served as executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender lobbyist organization. She is seemingly a lesbian. This is not a judgement, just an observation. (Although I do think homosexual people don’t really ‘get’ the function of sex in humans.)

However, here is my question: If Ms Rosen thinks Ann Romney has no basis for connecting with the average American woman because Ann Romney is wealthy, how does Ms Rosen justify herself being able to connect with the average American woman?

According to According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 1990 Census shows only 581,300 individuals as part of a same-sex household in 2009. Under half of one percent (0.5 percent) of the 2009 307 U.S. population. The Census Bureau’s 2010 Demographic Profile shows that “same-sex spouses” were 2.5 percent of the U.S. population. The Federal Centers for Disease Control through the National Center for Health Statistics in their
2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth found 3.7 percent of people aged 18 to 44 were homosexual or bisexual. According to the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, two percent of people in the U. S were in the category of gay, lesbian or bisexual.

So it seems the percentage of lesbians in the U. S. is somewhere in that two to four percent range. Ms Rosen is part of that two to four percent group; how can she pretend to be a voice for ‘all’ American women? Mrs. Romney is presumably heterosexual, and therefore is in the ninety-six to ninety-eight percent group. Strikes me Mrs. Romney is over thirty times more qualified to connect with American women than Ms Rosen. It also strikes me on that basis I’m over thirty times more qualified to connect with American women than Ms Rosen; and I’m male.

What is remarkable about this is Ms Rosen gets network airtime to make pronouncements of the sort. A Huffington Post article says Ms Rosen is an “on-air political contributor” on CNN. On what selection criteria, I wonder? Her background is primarily public relations, media management (as in how to manipulate the media, not manage as an editor), and ‘entertainment’ as a backstage executive or producer. She has been one of the “Hollywood 50 Power Women”. How does this make her particularly knowledgeable in a political context? Obviously, I do not understand the concept here.

Another bit of uncomfortable humor in this. White House spokesman Jay Carney went out of his way to distance the White House – President Obama, that is – from Ms Rosen’s statements. Carney confessed “I don’t know how to assess her overall relationship with the White House”. Then, campaign manager Jim Messina and strategist David Axelrod both piled on to Ms Rosen, criticizing her for the statements. As CNN is so left they don’t release anything not cleared by the DNC, I’m wondering how much ‘distance’ there is in fact between the Obama campaign and Ms Rosen’s initial approach. Sounds to me like they “protesteth too much”.

And I really find it odd she thinks Ann Romney has no connection with American women.


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