Another Doodad to fix a Poor Design

Looking at the blog by the competent and good folk or folks, I know not, at ‘Save the Gun’ [], I found an article on a new product: The Grip Force (New) Generation 123SC Adapter. [Beat the drum, sound the fluglehorn.] Since a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m rather lazy lately, one can look at this device at the maker’s website,

What it is, is a doodad one sticks on the aft portion of the grip of a Glock pistol to – and I quote – “… improve their shooting grip … maximize … control over their pistol … fulfill the wants and needs of shooters who prefer to have their GLOCK pistol conform to their hands better, and index on target in a more efficient manner.”

(All Glockophiles are cautioned to stop reading at this point. Failing that, take your blood pressure medicine.)

In other words, this device is to fix the basic design of the Glock clan at large which has all the grip ‘charm’ of a piece of firring. I carried a Glock 17 for several years at the pleasure of a large federal agency. It works okay. However, the double stack magazine and resulting grip is hideous to hold and shoot. For those with bigger hands than mine, it isn’t too bad. For those with no experience shooting real guns, it is rather pleasant. But the ergonomics stink for anyone of medium sized or smaller hands. There are those who shoot them well – I always scored a perfect qualification score – but those people can shoot real guns better.

Back to the ‘doodad’. The device in question is an add-on. It simply fastens on over the extant grip panel using a silicone cement and provides a ‘beavertail’ type spur. It also ‘fills in’ the upper portion of the rear grip strap, changing the angle of the grip. In other words, it makes the grip angle more like a Government Model Colt and less like a Luger.

What it does in my case is to make a grip that is already too barking big just a little bit bigger. For those folks who have hands the size of canned hams, possibly a positive alteration. Not for me.

This is not to disparage the work and products of Grip Force Products. Their products are well thought out, properly designed and proper executed. The problem is, their work is attempting to put lipstick on a pig. The difficulty lies with the basic design of the Glock pistol. When the Glock company designed their basic pistol, they ignored everyone with small hands.

Like I said, I carried one for several years. I can shoot it. More than that, I watched a wide variety of humanity shooting one along side me in qualification. Most people can shoot it well enough to ‘qualify’. So, for shooting with BOTH HANDS and ranges no further than fifteen yards/meters (the difference is subtle at that range) it works well enough to score 80% on a (very) basic qualification course. No one was ever required to fire with either hand solely at a range greater than three yards/meters – for good reason in my suspicious opinion.

Agency qualification courses are another rant for another time.


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