Some Democrat Party Campaign Slogans

I wrote these down on a note slip one day a couple years ago and just found them again. People will either love them or be sooooooo hateful. I can deal with either.

Vote Obama! ‘Cause if you don’t you’re a racist bigot.

Vote (Hillary) Clinton! ‘Cause if you don’t you’re a sexist bigot.

Vote Democrat! If you don’t, you’re a reactionary and due for re-education.

Support the Teacher’s Union! Who needs to read, write or do arithmetic anyhow?

Vote Democrat! George Soros’ opinion is better than yours.

Vote Democrat! Help establish the Soros Dynasty.

Vote Democrat! Show George W. Bush you really, really hate him.

Vote Democrat! Making a living is way over rated.

Feed the Poor! Heal the sick! Free the Oppressed! (Surrender your income.) Vote Democrat.

Vote Democrat! They know how to spend your money better.


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Filed under Idiot Politicians, Political Correctness

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