A Modest Proposal, with no apology to Mr. Swift

From the recent round of ‘debates’ conducted by hostile interviewers determined to make the process look silly and all the candidates look inept, I have noticed a trend. Questions are not asked in order to determine if the candidate can actually think, or has a grasp of ideas, but rather to award quick, snappy answers and an appearance of knowledge.

From the comments of some viewers of these ‘debates’, the ideal candidate or President is one who looks good in public, speaks clearly and distinctly, and is never at a loss for words.

The idea of a person who can process information, perhaps consult a reference or several, and form a large scale, cogent and long term plan to approach an issue is passe. Answers must be quick and snappy. No depth is sought or wanted.

Therefore, I have a modest proposal. Instead of going to the expense of primary and general elections to elect a President, we should change the Constitution to appoint the high money winner of the television program Jeopardy! as the President at suitable intervals.

Contestants on Jeopardy! are already screened for visual appeal and a certain verve in their speech and mannerisms. They have ‘upbeat’ personalities and seem quite friendly and genuine. Since the requirement to win at Jeopardy! is to answer trivia questions on a wide variety of subjects, the winner is the one who will satisfy the current criteria for a President.

With the money we’ll save on elections, we can pay down the national debt in time. Nor does anyone have to be eaten.


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