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This just in – oh, a couple hours ago – Iranian suspect arrested in thwarting of plan to assassinate the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia!

Shortly after hearing this, I was struck by the odd coincidence this announcement was made by the same man who claims all the weapons in the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels come from gun shows in the United States.

Just how desperate is the Obama Administration to deflect attention from their shortcomings and get re-elected?

I’m really interested in seeing just how much the current Administration will do to ‘… hold Iran responsible…’ After all, the Administration has been ignoring the Iranian nuclear bomb project since they assumed office. Is the Administration really going to show some backbone toward Iran, or just the same old turn tail?

This could be interesting. If the current Administration just huffs and puffs and doesn’t do anything substantial, we may assume this announcement of Eric Holder was more or less hogwash. No offense to Muslims.

Just between you and me; any politician who uses the phrase “We have to do something!” without further specifics needs to be slapped and sent to his or her room. Wake up, oh oblivious one; we already figured that part out.


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