The Presidential Birth Certificate – it seems…

The White House today – Wednesday, 27th April, in the year of our Lord 2011 – has released the official ‘long form’ birth certificate establishing the birth of a person named Barack Hussein Obama II on 4th August 1961. Taa-Daaaa!

So, after some four years or more of speculation and uncertainty, the matter is finally resolved.

However, one wonders why it took so long. Why wasn’t this document shown long ago and all the suspicion ended way back then?

Perhaps it has to do with the price of oil? With oil now $4.00 a gallon and rising, perhaps the White House thinks we’ll all forget how the Democrat continuum has blocked the exploration, discovery and harvesting of oil for these many moons. Many winters, for that matter. “See folks! The President really was born in Hawaii, so paying four bucks and up for gasoline isn’t such a big deal.”

I do not think the Democrat continuum is that stupid. They may think voters are – in fact, they depend on the stupidity of voters – but I do not think the Democrat so feeble minded. People do fill up their gas tank too often to forget.

No, I think the reason for the delay is more personal. The President simply needs to be the center of attention. As long as the birth certificate was undisclosed, people would talk about it, and therefore, him – the President. The President shows his ego-centric view of the Universe constantly. When he was elected, it was the day the oceans stopped rising; remember? He milked it as long as he could, and now it has served the purpose and now serves another purpose: “I told you so.”

Now the certificate is public, it shows how ‘silly’ all those ‘birthers’ were. And of course, this requires all conservatives be labeled as ‘birthers’. The Democrat continuum is hoping this will stick on other issues as well. “Do we need to raise taxes?” Of course, those ‘birthers’ were wrong. “Should we explore for oil in the U. S.?” No, those ‘birthers’ were wrong. “Do we need a President with a sense of leadership and direction?” No, those ‘birthers’ were wrong. “Do we need coherent foreign policy in regard to Middle Eastern and African dictators and Islamic terror groups? No, the ‘birthers’ were wrong.

Even if the ‘birthers’ were wrong – and I always thought the issue was a waste of time – we DO in fact need to reduce our national deficit. We DO in fact need oil for numerous uses for the foreseeable future. We DO need adult leadership in the White House.


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