Perhaps It Is Time to Shut Down the Government?

Today’s (Friday, 8th April 2011) headline about the budget negotiations has Senator Harry Reid claiming “women’s health” is holding up the resolution.

“Women’s health”? He means Federal funding for abortions in the guise of Planned Parenthood. What does Planned Parenthood have to do with women’s health? Nothing. Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill; end of discussion. Senator Reid says it is ‘ideology’ that is causing the stand off. He’s right, of course. It is the ideology of killing babies at government – taxpayer – expense Senator Reid must defend at all costs. Even at the cost of shutting down the government.

Republicans are accused of being ‘extremists’ and ‘extreme’. Did anyone not get the memo from Senator Charles Schumer on that? The entire Democrat caucus must use the term ‘extreme’ in conjunction with every use of the word ‘Republican’. Why? So the Democrat don’t have to deal with the facts. By tainting the discussion with accusations of ‘extremism’, the Democrat do not have to discuss anything, just issue press releases to their obedient and slavish news services.

The question is really why does the Democrat want a government shutdown? Obviously, the Democrat has no serious interest in the well being of the U. S. That’s why they jammed down the anti “Stimulus Bill” last year.

Perhaps it is time the government – at least the current Administration – should shut down. This is the Administration that expanded the national deficit and national debt by a minimum of four times. This is the Administration that has overseen the Islamic revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and done nothing to prevent Islamic take overs of the respective governments. (For those not paying attention, Islamic governments are uniformly anti-United States and threaten U. S. interests in all parts of the world.) This is the Administration who was much more concerned about coercing BP to shell out money to a Administration appointed official for potential damages than in assisting cleaning up the spill. This is the Administration who wants less importation of oil from foreign sources and blocks oil exploration and drilling in the U. S. This is the Administration that strong-armed the ‘nationalization’ of General Motors and Chrysler. This is the Administration that cannot get radical gun control measures passed in the U. S. Congress – Congress being a bit more concerned with the will of the people – is attempting to avoid U. S. law by getting the United Nations to declare private ownership of firearms illegal.

Has anyone noted the number of time Senator Reid has announced ‘there’s nearly an agreement’? Only to find the only agreement is between Senator Reid, Representative Pelosi and the President? Senator Reid seems to think no one other than the Democrat has any say in this.

It is time to get real, Senator Reid. You do not get to rule by edict. Neither does the President.

This is the real problem; President Obama still thinks he is somehow the answer to the nation’s problems. President Obama has a self-centered world view which discounts anyone and everyone else. I am both interested and not just a little nervous about how President Obama will react to being told he doesn’t get his way this time. Now we see if the President gets the message. Or if his narcissism is stronger than his contact with reality.



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2 responses to “Perhaps It Is Time to Shut Down the Government?

  1. It’s really getting to the point where I have no idea what to believe is really going on with this whole thing. Both sides have completely different stories.

    • I quite understand, Mr Dierking. The mainstream media presents the Democrat case repeatedly. Fox news presents some of the non-Democrat case. Do you have any doubt Senator Reid actually means funding Planned Parenthood when he speaks of ‘women’s health’?

      I have no idea if you are pro-abortion or pro-life. However, in either event, do you wish to be taxed to provide abortions for who ever wants one? Do you want to pay for those operations? The Democrat says you must. I and most Conservatives are of the opinion you can send money directly to the causes you support. Legal abortion is the law of the land, so if the Federal government does not support them, you can if you wish.

      Which view do you prefer?

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