HEADLINE: Dems Furious After Vote Change Gives Lead to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

Fox News report at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/08/dems-foul-vote-change-gives-lead-wisconsin-supreme-court-justice/?test=latestnews

The Conservative – in this instance meaning ‘can read and understand the Constitution’ – Justice David Prosser won re-appointment ( or re-election, as the case may be) to the Wisconsin state Supreme Court. The Democrat are angry because of a last minute find of a whole town’s worth of ballots. Odd, they didn’t feel so offended when Minnesota found seven hundred ballots and elected Al “Congratulations, Minnesota, it’s a Buffoon” Franken to the Senate.

The County Clerk of Waukesha County seems to have ‘misplaced’ the votes in some manner, then found them again. Democrat are calling for an investigation. Such an investigation is proper I would think. ‘Losing’ and then ‘finding’ votes is not quite proper procedure. However, since the ‘lost’ votes are from a specific town; Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee. So the town itself surely has a record of the vote as well and the actual count cannot be in serious doubt. It could be the County Clerk needs to update her procedure.

Which all just demonstrates the difference in meanings of words when Conservatives are compared to Liberals.

– Conservatives deem an election ‘fair’ when all votes are counted and the totals are accurately derived.

– Liberals deem an election ‘fair’ when – and only when – their candidate wins.



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2 responses to “HEADLINE: Dems Furious After Vote Change Gives Lead to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

  1. Dave White

    You should have seen the farce Seattle made of the governor’s race a few years ago. They were pulling ballots out three weeks after the election. Some were supposedly found in a tray under a ballot box. The very left supreme court of course allowed only Seattle to keep counting “found” ballots until the desired outcome was reached.

    • I’ve noted that in other elections. Isn’t that how Al “Congratulations Minnesota, it’s a Buffoon!” Franken got elected?

      For any of the Democrat who wants to snivel about the Presidential election of 2000 – that is the most won election in history. The votes were counted a total of eight times (as I recall) and George Bush won every time. There was one recount he lost, but that was conducted at DNC headquarters and wasn’t officially tallied.

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