Domestic Terrorists. In Wisconsin

Representative Peter King has generated a great deal of interest – pro and con – regarding his hearings on the ‘radicalization’ of young Muslim people in the United States.

The main protest is this implies a special category of suspicion toward Muslims. Why should that be? Could it be it is predominantly Muslims who actively recruit, encourage, train and direct people in terrorist activity? Can anyone identify a group that actively recruits, encourages, trains and directs those recruits to cause destruction and murder in the United States other than Muslims? I hear a deafening silence from the audience.

However, there IS another group in the United States that has just publicly conducted a concerted and organized effort to block the function of government by force. The action was demonstrated in full view of the U. S. populace and required law enforcement intervention to correct the outrage. I speak of no one else but the Wisconsin public employee’s unions.

What would any of you say about a group of people who would attempt to block the function of the government? That strikes me as an exercise in terrorism. And before anyone tries the “They’re just exercising their First Amendment rights”; No! They were not. They were using brute force to intimidate and prevent the legislature of the state of Wisconsin from conducting business. Any of you from the left, answer me this: What would you have said if a group of doctors and patients had attempted to block the Pelosi-Reid Congress from enacting Obamacare? Would that have been an exercise of First Amendment Rights?

After the disgusting, cowardly and thoroughly Democrat tactic of bailing out of the Wisconsin Senate – to prevent legislation from being enacted – I thought that was the capper. But the Democrat Continuum has outdone themselves: Union thugs in full public view.

These people are terrorists. They attempted to intimidate and deter legislators from performing their duties.

Okay. Perhaps terrorist is too strong a word. However, they were using force in an attempt to further their own financial ends. That’s just extortion.


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