Al Sharpton?

The alleged Rev. Al Sharpton is at it again. Well, still is a better word. I just watched a taped telephone interview between Sharpton and Fox reporter Marth MacCallum, recorded on 7th March. Mr. Sharpton is outraged – as usual and despite any other factors – with Representative Peter King’s hearings on the radicalization of Islam and the danger that presents to the U. S.

I want my three minutes back. Mr. Sharpton again distinguishes himself as an incoherent, mindless nincompoop.

Sharpton objects to the hearings because it singles out Muslims. I suppose Mr. Sharpton is so busy looking for ‘racial’ incidents – from which he can profit – he fails to keep up with the news. He doesn’t seem to understand the major violence threat in the United States right now is from Islamic terrorists.

He mentioned the ‘Arizona shootings’ – seemingly he is unaware of Rep. Giffords name and the name of the perceived (i.e., the one all the people present saw doing the shooting) attacker, Jared Loughner. Mr. Sharpton insists ‘…they [local and Federal authorities, perhaps?] do not know …” Loughner is a mentally unbalanced single actor; perhaps, Mr. Sharpton implies, Loughner is a tool of some other evil group.

Okay, perhaps we don’t know all the details regarding Loughner. We’re pretty sure he isn’t a Muslim. We’re also pretty sure he isn’t working for Governor Palin either.

However, we do know Major Nidal Malik Hasan, again the perceived shooter in the Ft. Hood Army base shooting is a devout Muslim and his statement at the time of the shooting indicate it was a case of religious fervor for him. We do know the men involved in the plot to shoot up Ft. Dix in New Jersey were six radical Muslims. We do know the 11 September attack on New York City was conducted by Muslims, working in conjunction with Al-Qaeda.

Mr. Sharpton then ranted on about looking into the problem of all young men who are radicalized. Now there’s a basis for a Congressional hearing. How about an investigation of the radicalization of the Black Panthers or the new Black Panthers or whatever group has replaced them? If Mr. Sharpton thinks the inquiry into Muslim radicals is ‘racial’, can one imagine the screaming and wailing concurrent with a Black Panther inquiry? For that matter, what effect does Mr. Sharpton have on young black men when he is constantly denouncing anyone who doesn’t pay him off as racists and bigots? Does Mr. Sharpton do any radicalizing?

Mr. Sharpton was also very vague regarding other ‘radicalizing’ groups. The Aryan Brotherhood, the American NAZI party and such are under constant scrutiny – not only by Congress, but by law enforcement agencies as well.

We can waste a lot of time conjecturing about what we do not know, or we can start investigation based on what we do know. Representative King’s hearings are based on that which we know, and of which we need to know more.

Mr. Sharpton opined the biggest threat to U. S. safety are those who ‘hate America’. Well, militant Islam is a great place to start. That reminds me, are those who ‘hate America’ those who seek the dismembering of the U. S. Constitution, capitalism, common decency and the baseline Judeo-Christian concepts that are the springboard for the U. S. ideals of individual freedom and responsibility? You know, guys like Al Sharpton.

The alleged Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr is a waste of time; unless his stupidity and offensiveness are a draw to some viewers. I don’t need to see or hear him again. Then again, I don’t watch the Jerry Springer show either. I cannot understand why any serious news outlet would bother with him. Okay, Fox interviews him in an attempt to be balanced. Can’t they find someone serious and competent instead?

I sure can’t understand why anyone with a mentality capable of getting shoes on the right feet would listen to him.


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