Follow Up to the Death Panel Essay

The Canadian hospital in the (baby) Joseph Maraachli matter is receiving ‘threats’. The threats were not listed in detail. This is not a good development. London, Ontario police Deputy Chief Ian Peer claims most of the threats are coming from the U. S. Since the threats are not identified in nature and no individual has been singled out for a direct threat, one wonders exactly what sort of threats are being made. Some threats, he says, would break the law if carried out.

People on the Internet tend to be quite emboldened when they don’t have to leave their names or addresses

I suggest in return people like Chief Peer are quite emboldened when they can pretend their actions don’t have consequences – like the death of a child in a manner of utmost cruelty to the parents. However, I digress.

Anyone making threats should stop immediately. It is futile, juvenile and counter productive. Not to mention just plain wrong.

The hospital in Canada – although rather dismissive of their responsibilities to decency and humanity which supersede obedience to government – are in this matter acting as prescribed by the Canadian Health care system and the attendant Death Panels therein.

Anyone who wishes to see this sort of thing prevented needs to call their legislature, legislators, and elected officials and get rid of socialized medicine. This is not the action of a single doctor, hospital or hospital administrator; this is the result of socialized medicine.

Don’t like what’s happening? Good. Get rid of socialized medicine, Canadians. Vote out the politicians who support it, vote in people who will repeal it and be done with the mess.

Those in the U. S. can’t really affect Canadian laws directly. But U. S. citizens really need to understand the real underlying problem here is socialized medicine, controlled by some unknown and unknowable Death Panel who decides who gets what and how much treatment. And U. S. citizens need to know Obamacare is socialized medicine light, just waiting to be darkened into the real thing.


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