Anybody Wanna See a Death Panel Action?

Take a look folks!  Step right up!

In short, the Canadian health care system – ‘socialized medicine’ for the cognizant – has decided the child – one Joseph Maraachli – has used up it’s share of the socialized medicine money and is now to die.  The ‘whatever-Canada-calls-them’ and I perceive as the ‘Death Panel’ is the final authority.  So much so the Canadian Court system has ordered the child to be removed from all life support, including the breathing tube.  What’s the deal with the breathing tube, you ask.

From the article cited:

The family says removing the ventilator would promise an agonizing death for the boy. They asked that doctors at least perform a tracheotomy that would allow Joseph to die at home, but the Canadian hospital has refused.

It seems the child would be able to breath on his own, if the tracheotomy were performed. The Death Panel decided that isn’t needed.

Please understand, the child is in the process of dying. He has – according to the Death Panel – a “neurodegenerative disease” and is terminal. The only questions are, in what level of comfort and where – home, for instance? – will the child shuffle off this mortal coil.

This is being compared to the sad case of Terri Schiavo. However, remember this distinction: In the Terri Schiavo case, there were dissenting opinions by doctors on both sides; the question was “Who gets to decide?” In the Maraachli case, it’s the government Death Panel making the decision, and it cannot be argued or appealed.

Remember the ridicule heaped upon Governor Palin when she first talked about Death Panels? Does anyone not comprehend “Obamacare” is crowding ‘socialized medicine’ close enough to defy differentiation? Does anyone not comprehend “Obama-socialized-medicine-care” has provisions NOW for ‘end of life counseling’?

Does anyone not get it about the Death Panels?

With no apology to Cato the Elder, Obamacare delenda est!


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