I’m Praying for Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is a brilliant atheist.  I’ve heard him on the radio – primarily the Hugh Hewett program – and the man is simply brilliant.  With the blindingly obvious exception he is atheist.  He not only doesn’t believe in gods or God, Mr. Hitchens denies the existence of such a being.

Now, he’s dying.  Some form of cancer, I believe.  At any rate, he has a malady that is – according to the doctors (whoever they may be) – terminal and incurable.  Not like this is something strange, everyone dies.  I plan on it myself.  Preferably not for a couple of years yet, but I have no doubt I’m going to die someday.  However, it seems Mr. Hitchens has a tentative date for his death.  Most of us don’t.

Mr. Hitchens is a bit offended that Christians think he should now turn from his long held beliefs and embrace God.  He seems to think – and perhaps correctly – some think his oncoming death will scare him into some action towards God.  I have to agree with him on that point – the silly idea God ‘scares’ anyone into belief.  But I think Mr. Hitchens misses the point.

I – as a Christian – do not want to have Mr. Hitchens spend eternity in Hell.  I’m pretty sure all the other Christians who are aware of the matter feel as I do.  That Mr. Hitchens denies the existence thereof is not of any particular moment to me; I know there’s Hell for Satan and his followers and for all those who deny God and Jesus Christ.  I’m not sure all about Hell, but I am past certain it is not pleasant and no one – no one – will like being there.  Including Mr. Hitchens.

To that end, I am praying Mr. Hitchens will live past this medical problem of his.  I want him to live longer and stay competent and active and brilliant.  I am praying he will live long enough to meet God prior to the final judgment.  I ask for all other Christians to join me in this.  Christopher Hitchens without doubt needs intercessory prayer.  Whether he likes it or not.


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