Another Demonstation of Democrat Values

Whining and Cowardice.  If things don’t go toward the left sufficiently, whine and run away.


That is the public demonstration of Democrat values shown by  the Democrat collective in Wisconsin.  Fourteen members of the Wisconsin State Senate – all Democrat by the way – have fled the state in order to block the legislative process.  That’s is what is being reported currently as the Wisconsin Senate is preparing to pass legislation that would put state employee unions on even terms with the state government and roll back some of the perks the union drones have finagled with past Democrat.

Here’s the story:  The Republican Party has the majority in the Senate.  The people of Wisconsin elected a Republican majority; probably to deal with the rising debt problem Wisconsin – like many other states here-to-fore run by the Democrat.  To balance the budget, some fairly serious corrections have to be made.  Seemingly one of the biggest is the ability of state employee unions to pretty much get anything they want in ‘bargaining’.

The bill currently on the floor would correct that.  The Democrat – having been told by their union boss controllers – this MUST NOT HAPPEN are scampering away and hiding under the bed.  It’s a good – for a leftist – plan; without a quorum, the Senate cannot act.  By running away, the Democrat have blocked the function of the State government.

In other words, they’re saying, “If we can have it our way, we’re going to mess it up for everyone!”  I can just see the cute little pouts now.  No reports of foot stomping yet; that was overwhelmed by the stampede noise.


So gentle people, once again the Democrat continuum has shown the world their true selves and true values.  Whining, sniveling and cowardice.



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3 responses to “Another Demonstation of Democrat Values

  1. For those unaware of its existence, I must refer you all to the admirable “Day by Day” cartoon strip. It can be found easily at
    “Day by Day” is currently commenting on the situation with far more humor and style than I have done.

    I have no financial interest in Mr. Muir’s cartoon, other than to send them money to maintain the strip from time to time. (I think I’m due to send them more…)

  2. Arch,
    as a registered nurse you are aware that the word radical actually means total or complete. You are a radical! You are totally correct and completely levelheaded… a breath of fresh air. Last night a chaplain prayed for the unsettled political situation in the world. Later I inquired if he was speaking of Wisconsin, Minnesota or California. I think he actually had northern Africa in view but the present situation in America has some tragic commonalities. Keep up the good work. It seems you have a great governor. REW

    • Again, to be transparent, REW is another friend of long standing and trusted counselor. If I ever grow up, I’d like to be like him

      Um… I’m not a registered nurse, but I am aware of the denotation of the word ‘radical’.

      Yes, I’m pretty radical in my support of the United States and the factors which make our Country the shining light on the face of the Earth. I’m totally committed to personal responsibility and freedom. Unions, when controlled by the members and act in the interests of union members as citizens of the United States serve a good and noble purpose. When unions act against the common good for a temporary and often illusionary benefit to members they are counter productive.

      Nebraska has a good, honest and in that sense, noble Governor.

      “… unsettled political situation in the world.” May we have all chaplains, rabbis, priests, pastors, evangelists, preachers and just plain citizens praying for God’s intercession.

      Thank you, my dear friend. Your words of encouragement are invaluable to me. And keep track and smack me when I drift into goofiness. I’ll probably need that as well.

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