Big Mistakes People Make Regarding God (Part One)

This discussion is predicated on the collection of books written over a period of approximately 1300 to 1500 years known as the Bible. If you are privy to another god or gods, feel free but I’m not talking about that one or those ones.  Please don’t get confused.


Probably the biggest single mistake people make about God should be self-evident, but it’s not.

People think God is pretty much a man.  A man with more power, more powers, more knowledge and a lot of really neat tricks.  He’s not.

A man who said, “I’m the most important thing in your life” would be considered pretty much insufferable.  I would so consider such a man.  I know two or three; bosses, middle management, old men who lie about what they did in life and so on.  To claim to be more important than another without qualification or context is simple megalomania.  However, it is not so for God.

Why?  Because – uh – He’s God.  Capital ‘G’.  He’s the uncaused event.  God is the Eternal – that is, non-beginning and non-ending – Creator of the Universe or universes.  He is the grand architect, designer, engineer, builder, contractor and maintainer of everything.  He is the ultimate Creator of life in all forms; either directly or indirectly.  He is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

Is it ego or megalomania that drives Barack Obama to say, “I’m the President of the United States”?  No.  He is the President of the United States.  For me to claim that title and authority would be foolish at best.  But not so for any of the forty-four men who have held the title.

So it with God.  He is God.  The “I AM that I AM.”

His attributes of power are many and varied, summed up in three concepts: Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.

Omnipotence is all power.  All authority, energy, ability and whatever belongs to God and is given by or derived from God.  However, this is often mis-understood by the superficial – or those with humor stunted at the seventh grade level – to mean God can do self-contradictory things.  The classic is “Can God make a rock so big He can’t move it?”  This is a logical impossibility, a contradiction in terms.  It is an absurdity, even with God’s name flung in the mix (and a salute to C. S. Lewis).  Those who ‘honestly’ propose such absurdities are also absurd.  Grow up.

Nor does omnipotence mean God can do things humans can do.  F’rinstance, God cannot lie.  God cannot renege on his word.  God cannot punish someone for something in that someone’s life already forgiven.  God can, will (and has been known to) slap the stupid out of your face, but He cannot stab you in the back.  In short, God cannot do things against His Eternal and perfect nature.

Omniscience is all knowledge.  He knows everything.  Everything.  God understands Relativity in a way Einstein could only dream.  God knows if a photon is a wave or a particle.  God knows the EXACT velocity and position of a given particle at a given time.  God knows about your first kiss.  And your last one, as well.  God knows the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body.  If God were a human, He would be bored.  Nothing ‘occurs’ to God.

However, this does not mean God forces all things to happen.  God does not want people to go to Hell.  People go to Hell for one reason only; those people reject God.  Nor does God want people to drive in a drunken state and run over children.  However, God has created mankind with free will – it’s part of that ‘…in Our image…’ thing – and true to His word, does not interfere with our decisions.

This point is the biggie for a lot of agnostics and atheists.  They want it both ways; they want to be ‘free to live and choose’ and also blame God for the mess they make.  Most want to blame God for all the children who get run over by drunks.  Somehow, the drunk had nothing to do with it, it seems.

Omnipresence.  This is the hard one for many people, including Christian believers.  God is always present, everywhere and everywhen.  (Yeah, I just invented a new word.)  God exists in eternity, not affected by time or place.


All this is supported by Biblical teaching.  I left out all the references in this essay to avoid this being longer than it is.


Dear Reader, this is the God of whom Christians speak.  One may simply deny His existence, but one may not logically argue God isn’t like this.  One may properly say, “I’ve never seen this” but that does not change the reality of God.  There are many things none of us have ‘seen’, but still exist.



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4 responses to “Big Mistakes People Make Regarding God (Part One)

  1. Omniscience can not be perfect if free will is to be allowed. See for instance:

  2. Hello, etio. Sorry, you’re simply wrong.
    This is the argument that somehow ‘knowing’ how someone will react in fact forces that person into that reaction. It does not. One can observe this everyday in the way certain public figures – notably politicians – respond to questions, for instance. I know the politician will give a long, wordy and completely meaningless answer; but that doesn’t mean I forced said politician to so speak.

    In the matter of God’s omniscience, it goes further. As I mentioned, God exists in Eternity. That means God exists not only before the creation of the Universe, but after the end of the Universe. Allow me to ask you a question; is the ‘before creation’ part of Eternity prior or subsequent to the existence of the Universe and therefore time?

    If I word it, “Since God exists in Eternity subsequent to the existence of the Universe, God knows everything that happened during the existence of the Universe”, you would have much less of an argument. Of course, since God knows ‘after’, He didn’t cause those things to happen. But since the Bible states knowledge ‘prior’, people get all in a twist.

    In Eternity, there is no difference between prior and subsequent. Your logic is erroneous because your perspective is flawed by your own limits. Your erroneous argument validates my thesis, in fact. Your big mistake in thinking about God is He isn’t really God. Pretty much what I said.


  3. Doug Dash

    The scriptures declare his love, righteousness and justice in Jeremiah 9:23-24. This is His triune nature that will never change. He has condescended to us by taking human form in the person of Yeshua the Anointed (Jesus Christ to you goi) and displayed His true nature during his short three year ministry.

    Another point that people cannot grasp is the fact that he holds the entire universe together on the sub-atomic level by His thought. If He stopped thinking about an object, it would literally cease to exist. This is how intimate He is with every facet of our lives.

    Just remember the most important thing about His nature: God is Love, and has shown us this Love through the ultimate sacrifice that was made at Calvary.

    • Thanks Doug. Yes, your comments are totally correct to the best of my finite understanding of an Infinite God.

      I’m planning on more on the subject. I have in mind to complete a book with the working title of “Who Is This God Person Anyway, and Where Does He Get Off Telling Us All How to Live Our Lives?” I fear it will be a while until I get it to where I think it’s finished.

      In the spirit of total transparency to anyone else, Doug Dash is a trusted friend of long standing. Having said that, I welcome anyone’s thoughts.

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