Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is now a gun smuggler

According to Fox News, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City hired private detectives to go to Arizona, illegally buy guns (non-resident) and transport the guns across state lines to New York.  His Honor the Mayor spent roughly $100,000 to do this.  Not his own money if you please; tax money from the tax payers of the City of New York.

This is illegal.  U. S. Federal Statute prohibits transfers of firearms between two different states without the firearm being delivered to the end user by a Federal Firearms Dealer.  (Moving from one state to another with a firearm one already owns is not a ‘transfer’ in this sense; even though some states like California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and probably some others get stinky about it if one doesn’t ‘register’ the firearms in the ‘new’ state.)  I’m sure there are also laws regarding using public funds to commit crimes.

So.  Mayor Bloomberg sends some investigators to Arizona with instructions to buy guns illegally.  Yes, that’s the bottom line; Mayor Bloomberg conspired with a number of individuals – eight, according to one article – to violate Federal laws.  And they did.  Please note, under the laws of Arizona and the United States, it is the buyer who commits the crime when purchasing a firearm illegally.  The seller is only committing a crime if the firearm is sold knowing the buyer is not allowed to purchase the firearm.

What this means is Mayor Bloomberg has confessed publicly to violation of Federal statutes known collectively as the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Mayor Bloomberg is reported to have said gun shows make it easy for criminals to get what they want.  In this case Mayor Bloomberg is the criminal who got what he wanted. Mayor Bloomberg wants the nation to know how easy it is to buy guns without government interference.  So, why doesn’t Mayor Bloomberg finish the job and show how easy it is to kill people as well?  After all, he intentionally violated the Federal laws for a ‘good cause’.

New York City, as most people who can read know, does not allow common citizens to own guns.  This is because guns in the hands of common citizens – probably like you reading this – have a deterrent effect on crime.  Mayor Bloomberg and those like him – The Brady Gun Control Mob among them – keep claiming the high murder and crime rates in places like New York City and Washington, D. C. are due to loose gun laws in other states.  Oddly, those other states – Arizona for example – have a much lower murder and crime rate than NYC and Washington, D. C.  The crime and murder rates are lower primarily because the victims – that is, common citizens – are armed and can fight back.

So it goes.  Mayor Bloomberg commissions a crime to be committed in another state to draw attention away from his total lack of concern about citizens in his own city.  Perhaps if the Mayor would concentrate on criminals in his own city, he wouldn’t have to worry so much about Arizona.

And if the Federal Government – in this case the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – want to crack down on illegal transfers of firearms they will immediately issue arrest warrants for Mayor Bloomberg and his gang of smugglers.  Then the U. S. Attorney should prosecute this pack of criminals to the fullest extent.



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