Hello world!

Greetings to all and sundry.  (Sundry, you know who you are; behave.)

As noted by the title, this is my initial blog.  I have just signed up for this and have almost enough knowledge – about this blog site and mechanism – to be dangerous.  It remains to be seen to whom I may be dangerous.

I intend to be posting here on a regular basis.  At time, my propensity for procrastination gets the better of me and I spend a good deal of time prioritizing my objectives.  However, one soldiers on as best one can.

In short, your correspondent is a retired male of nearly sixty-one years; conservative in politics, dress, communication and finances.  Your servant is Caucasian (white for those educated in public school in the last twenty years), practicing Christian, heterosexual – currently celibate, registered Republican with Libertarian leanings, gun owning and somewhat obese.


These blogs will include items of political, firearms, Theological, Cosmological and sometimes irrelevant interest.  There will be the occasional discussion of “Outrage”, as perpetrated by various entities.  For me, most outrage centers upon the folly – sometimes referred to as ‘stoopid with two ‘o’s’ and stupidity of those who really ought to know better.

F’rinstance (anyone correctly identifying the source of that contraction gets two bonus points), the recent remarks of Representative Jim Moran (D) of Virginia:  Rep. Moran claims the Republican gains in the House and Senate of last November were due to voters who “…don’t want to be governed by an African-American.”   He seems to completely miss any other issues addressed in that election.  No mention of over-spending, dismal economic prospects, a massive ‘Health Bill’ cramdown or Representative Nancy Pelosi.

Nor does he explain how with all those voters who “…don’t want to be governed by an African-American” did we (as a nation) elect President Barack Obama in 2008.  Did he miss that part?  Or does he think all the now aware voters didn’t realize then candidate Obama was part African-American?

That, gentle readers, qualifies as stoopid enough to be considered outrage.



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5 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Ken

    Just wandered over to your blog. Found your link in the reply you made on FirearmsTalk.
    Great stuff! Except for being a few years older, your self description and thoughts could have been mine. Far more eloquent but very familiar.
    I very much enjoyed reading your work, thanks, Ken

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ken. It’s always nice to hear approval.
      Just for the record, I publish the comments that don’t approve as well. So far, I’ve only had one and the detractor simply didn’t like what I said. I can live with that.

  2. Tom Chumley

    nice blog Archie! I look forward to the next one.

  3. George

    Archie thank you for the information I believe more people should read it.
    God Bless you

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