I Have a New Operating System! It is Hideous.

In recent developments, your humble scribe determined his computer was sorely lacking.  The computer was running Microsoft Windows XP, no longer smiled upon or supported by Microsoft.  So I had Microsoft Windows 7 installed to run my somewhat aging Compaq computer.

I will go into greater detail later – if I can force myself to relive the horrors of the alteration – but suffice to say now, Microsoft has set a new low standard in what in the rest of the world is considered ‘customer service’.  I have a suspicion the customer service staff at Microsoft – all three of them – get bonuses for thinking up new ways to ignore purchasers of Microsoft products.  I see visions of a Scottish sounding fruit in my future…


Also, at the Hastings Gun Show of late – I’m a member of the club that puts on the show, so I was there – I found and purchased two – count ‘em, two – new (to me but of course old) pistols in .32 ACP or 7.65 mm Browning if one follows the European bent.  One is a fairly modern made FEG (Hungarian manufacture) AP (Attila Pistol) 7.65.  It is a more or less copy of a Walther PP (the ‘big’ one) with just enough changes to pretend it is a separate design.  The second pistol, far more historical, is a Beistegiu Hermanos (Brothers) version of the ‘Ruby’ class.

Full report on both following an actual shooting excursion with the artifacts in question.  Stay tuned, gentle readers.

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Just a Reminder!

Friday, 19th September 2014 is the day we all celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

You cannot say you haven’t been reminded.  Even if you’re at work, you can throw in an ‘Arrr..’ every now and then.

I be watchin’ ye!  I be listenin’, too!

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The Ominous “Gun Show Loophole”!

During a round robin question and answer session last weekend for Senate Candidates from Nebraska, one obvious leftist ‘news person’ asked Ben Sasse a loaded question:  I cannot remember the exact wording, but the essence was “How do you feel about the ‘gun show loophole’ and what should be done about it?”

Mr. Sasse gave a great answer.  He started by saying the ‘gun show loophole’ was a phrase and ‘problem’ invented by ‘journalists’.  I would have preferred Mr. Sasse included any number of ‘activists’ and sleezy anti-American politicians in the ‘origin’ of the term, but it was a truly proper answer.

The Federal Government imposes a mandatory background check on all purchases through a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL).  Every person in the United States who purchases a firearm of any type through a licensed dealer must complete a Form 4473, a document that provides biographical information of the purchaser and a description of the firearm – either handgun or long gun.  This is then called in to a Federal government information clearing house, operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who does a computer check (the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to see if the purchaser is eligible under Federal law to purchase such a firearm.  Typically, the check takes only a few moments.

The alleged ‘loophole’ is when a ‘non-dealer’ – in other words, a common citizen like you or me – sells a firearm, no background check is needed.  To make this painfully clear, the ‘gun show loophole’ is nothing more than the ancient right of a person to dispose of his or her personal property without government permission.

Gun Control Advocates want every person in the United States required to contact and clear every sale of personal property under all conditions.

Do you think that’s too big a claim?  Okay.  Anyone remember the “Times Square Bomber”?  Feel free to look it up on the internet.  A man named Faisal Shahzad bought a used car, loaded it with improvised explosive devices and left it in Times Square, New York City on 01 May 2010 to explode.  Happily it was noticed by some local citizens and the NYPD took possession of the vehicle.  A real tragedy was averted when the ignition system built by Mr. Shahzad didn’t work.

HOWEVER, this entire plot was facilitated by the  “Classified Ads loophole”, which allow a person to sell a car to just anyone without notifying the government first and specifically identifying the buyer.   One might also note that practically EVERY crime in the United States is assisted by use of an automobile.

Anyone know of a ‘meth house’?  That’s a popular expression for a residential location where illegal methamphetamine is manufactured for illegal sales.  This could be completely stopped were it not for the ‘real estate agent loophole’ where a person can sell – or sometimes rent – their house without notifying the government and specifically identifying the purchaser or renter.

Are you getting the idea, gentle reader?  One can continue this argument to include just about anything deemed ‘useful’ in a crime.  Writing pens are used in forgeries, after all.  And computers!  Computers are perfect for scams, impostures, and seduction of the unwary and minors.  And they can be used to develop all manner of evil devices, including weapons of mass destruction.  In fact, the U. S. government is so concerned about computers that computers and computer hardware are on the list of ‘restricted’ items that may NOT be exported from the U. S. without special application and licensing!  We have to close the Internet Sales loophole!

Let’s go back to the comment about phrases and problems invented by anti-American activists, politicians and journalists.  Anyone remember the catch phrase “Saturday Night Special”?  There are a few embarrassing historical notes to this.  And of course, the phrase was used by the anti-American faction in a ‘bait and switch’ tactic.

The laws used to prohibit the sale of ‘inexpensive’ firearms dates back to Reconstruction days, which targeted – no pun intended – pistols that could be afforded by poorer income people.  In specific terms, Black people.  As with many “Jim Crow laws”, these laws were to keep Black people in a state of inferiority of status and recognition.  These laws were re-written after passage of the 14th Amendment, which provided that all citizens have equal access under the law and all laws must apply to all citizens, both in empowerment and prohibition.

The ‘bait and switch’ tactic of modern times has been blatant and obvious.  “Saturday Night Special” laws have always been promoted as applying to cheap and potentially hazardous firearms; those make of substandard materials, design and manufacture.  However, in practice, the same laws tended to prohibit firearms not on quality, but on size.  Usually ending up banning many firearms carried by police and Federal agents as duty guns.  One example of this is a size and shape limitation that banned importation and sale of the Walther PPK, made famous by Ian Fleming’s protagonist, James Bond.  Would you believe James Bond carried a ‘Saturday Night Special”?

How about the term “Assault Weapon”?  Another memorable – in its mendacity – phrase coined by the anti-American faction.  No such phrase existed prior to the combine of political hacks and journalists.  Various armed forces – including the United States – have used the term ‘assault rifle’ since the latter part of the Second World War.  An ‘assault rifle’ is usually a shoulder fired weapon – like a rifle or submachinegun – air cooled, without extensive water jackets, firing a middle powered cartridge such as the original German “8mm Kurtz”, the Russian – Warsaw Pact – “7.62x39mm” round, the U. S. “5.56x45mm” round (roughly equivalent to the .223 Remington sporting round) and probably some others.  The last distinctive quality of an ‘assault rifle’, and probably the key identifier, is what is known as ‘select fire capability’.  That is, the device has a control mechanism – a ‘switch’, essentially – to direct the device to fire either one round each time the trigger is full, or some form of ‘fully-automatic’ fire; the weapon fires until the trigger is released or the ammunition is expended.

An ‘Assault Weapon’ (note the one word difference?) is any firearm the writer feels YOU should not own.  These weapons include shotguns in flat black finish, unwieldy handguns with large magazine capacities, rifles with flash hiders, almost anything military surplus and so forth.

Of course, the anti-American faction in favor of all this are those who feel they should decide for you and me just exactly what you and I should be able to own.  Keep that in mind, folks.  Whether you want to own a specific ‘thing’ or not, who gets to chose?

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Breaking News Article!

According to reputable news services, President Obama today, 28th August 2014, (Thursday to be specific, next to the last day of the normal work week for Democrats and still a couple days until the welfare check comes for Obama supporters) announced he has no strategy for Syria.

One notes the lack of the work ‘still’, and one wonders why the President bothered to waste time away from the golf course to say something so incredibly obvious.  Again, one wonders why the limiting specification of ‘Syria’?  Of course, it does take the wind out of the sails of those who claim he never tells the truth.

Once again – still?  – yet? – the President announced today he has no strategy in Syria.  Like that escaped our notice.

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This Must Be Read

Takes about five minutes and is absolutely correct in fact and logic.  It is from the Townhall website, written by Kurt Schlichter.


For all of us who know there is something wrong here, this is an excellent essay.


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The Different Between the Doctor (Who?) and God

I watched the season premiere of Dr. Who? and the debut of Peter Capaldi as the ‘new’ Doctor.  I really like Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Even a little better than Jon Pertwee, who was my favorite Doctor, but was moved to second with Matt Smith.  I think I will like the 12th Doctor (actually the 13th including the War Doctor); but the first episode is always a bit chaotic in terms of character development.

However, this began me thinking – always a dangerous business.  The Doctor – as all fans know – is a Gallifreyan.  He is extremely long-lived – he ‘regenerates’ periodically and very smart.  As such, the Doctor is a rather god-like character.  Sort of like Q from ‘Star Trek:  The Next Generation”.

However, I have noted some differences and distinctions between God and the Doctor.  I thought I’d share them.

God is Eternal, the Doctor is not.  The Doctor has been around for a very long time.  He is old, the result of many years lived.  He is probably older than most living things on Earth, trees included.  However, the Doctor is NOT immortal.  He mentioned his birth, his parents, his upbringing and so forth.  He expects to end his existence.  Indeed his last ‘regeneration’ was to be his last – until the script writer saved him with a plot twist.  But he makes no pretensions to immortality in the absolute sense.

God makes no mistakes.  God commits no errors; everything He does is correct and in agreement with His Divine plan.  Some folks claim God does make mistakes, but upon further investigation, they mean God does things the detractor doesn’t like.  The Doctor on the other hand admits making errors.  He usually learns from them, but still they are made from time to time.  In fact the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) admits to making ‘many’ mistakes and feels he must do something about it.  The Doctor can nearly always extricate himself from problems – sometimes ending in tragedy – but only after several mistakes or blunders en route.

God does not require a TARDIS.  For new or non-fans, the TARDIS is a device called ‘Time and Relative Dimensions in Space’.  It is his home and vehicle, all in one.  Due to a malfunctioning ‘chameleon circuit’ the device is always shown as a 1950s era British Police call box.  This device allows the Doctor to travel anywhere in time or space.  It is a neat bit of technology.  I would love to have such a device, preferably with instruction manual and a full time technician.  However, God does not need a blue box to get around.

The Doctor Who? series has been on television for over fifty years now.  There have been a number of script writers.  According to one wiki entry, there are eighty-nine different credited writers (some of whom are pseudonyms).  God writes all His own scripts.

Similar to the above, God does all His own stunts.

The Doctor is an Anglophile.  All the people who portray him are from the British Isles.  God is not quite so exclusive these days.  At one time, God favored the Hebrews, but He seems to have broadened His franchise since the time of Jesus.

There are other differences.  But this is offered as a somewhat light hearted view of the matter.


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Religious War?

Just after the 11th September (or 9-11) attacks on the United States – the concerted attacks on the World Trade Center and the U. S. Pentagon – a friend of mine at work made what I thought was a rather silly remark.  Not wishing to embarrass the person in question, I shall not identify them.  (If you are reading this, just don’t tell anyone and your secret is safe.)  The person said, “I hope this doesn’t turn into a religious war.”

My reply was something on the order of “It IS a religious war from their (the Muslim terrorists) perspective already.  There’s nothing ‘we’ can do about it.”  It is still true today, by the way.  The latest Islamic murderous, barbaric herd is known as ‘ISIS’, the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ as I recall.  They are currently in the mode of blissfully slaughtering every Christian, Jew, or Muslim they can find.  Wholesale murder on a level that makes the ghosts of Attila the Hun and Joseph Stalin happy.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind about the ‘religious’ nature of this merry band of murderous thugs?  They are Islamic, and they ‘champion’ the position of Muslim superiority AND the order to kill all infidels.  That sounds passing ‘religious’ to me.  And do not fail to note they have staked out a position where they will attack the United States.

So what does that have to do with the initial memory I was sharing?  Just this:  Our Administration has the same superficial and non-thinking view of the current attacks, murders and terrorism.  Our Administration cannot see this is a religious war.  They think it’s a simple matter of ‘crime’.  The video-taped execution of James Foley is being ‘investigated’ as a murder.  I suppose the FBI will make the arrest?  In Iraq?  Do we have jurisdiction there?


This whole pretense is simply an extension of the President’s idiotic claim that the United States is ‘done’ with combat operations in the Middle East, especially Iraq.  The “Peace (at any cost) President” has reduced the size of our Armed Forces, cancelled various logistical projects and cut funds to conduct military operations.  In short, the current Administration has surrendered.

The current Administration has reversed the national policy of nearly every administration since George Washington.  We are being ‘re-designed’ so that the United States is merely another helpless nation.

This somehow will prevent further wars.  The connection in poor thinking between the United States’ Second Amendment rights and a strong military is flabbergasting.  “Gun Free Zones” are intended – says the progressive left – to prevent shootings and murders.  Since people cannot carry a firearm into a ‘Gun Free Zone’, no one will be armed and there will be ability to shoot one another.


Which is why none of the recent mass-murderers who killed people in ‘Gun Free Zones’ had guns.  Lack of defensive ability has throughout history been an attraction for the bully, whether as an individual or as a state.  When I was in school, bullies never avoided the weak and disabled because they were weak and disabled.  Likewise, the conquering empires of history never attacked nations or populations that were stronger.

Of course, with progressives, that sort of historical lesson is wasted.

How about any of you?  Can you think?  Do you want a president that looks after the nation, or just his supporters?

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